What is Argoledo


What is Argoledo ?

Argoledo's mission is to sustain a community that strives to better understand the world around us, including all of the academic fields, from society, to religion and politics, to psychology and philosophy.
It's said that there are always two sides to every story, at Argoledo we believe that the truth too has also multiple sides. As everyone is sharing their own opinion about a subject, they are sharing a piece of the truth, as we share and argue our thoughts we should strive to better understand each other's opinions and get closer to the truth.

The trending tab

The trending tab is meant to be a unbiased sorting mechanism where posts can rank high even though not everybody agrees with that certain opinion, an unbiased system that promotes controversial topics too, in order for them to be discussed, understood and argued.


How would user banning and the removal of posts work in an unbiased system ? We are well aware that arguments can get very heated, so, as we don't take any sides, we do judge the way opinions are being shared, if you have a strong opinion about something you should try to get your point across without using offensive language and insulting people, this is a place to discuss and learn, not a place where people just swear at each other. Posts and comments will also be treated and judged depending on the context rather than submiting them to a set of rules, context matters.

As Argoledo is still in beta you may encounter unexpected behavior,
if you see anything wrong or have a sugestion don't hesitate to use the feedback button.